MYR 27,210.42

Raised of MYR 30,000.00 target.



11 Months





"Whilst somewhere the water is calm, in another place in the very same ocean, there is a colossal storm"

Now regardless of the boundaries, we have a common enemy that calls for a united fight against the situation. In view of the anticipated rise of cases in Sabah, many children and young people are badly affected. Issues such as heavy shortage of food, lack of sanitation & hygiene packs, medical equipments and PPEs are rising. Our front liners and NGOs on ground have endured a mental and physical fatigue for the past months and we realised this situation has provide us a special opportunity to give, to change, and to save lives.


This overwhelming situation has called for an action to aid the local communities. Today, there are families who did not have food on the table and we want them to know they can count on us. In collaboration with #SabahBangkit and their network of young people focusing on arts and education, we aim to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters to rise during these hard times and help support the community together.

Now everyone can pledge and donate to our campaign, and the donation will be chanelled to NGOS around Sabah to buy Food Basket, Hygiene Packs and PPEs to fill in the shortages and help the affected Sabahans.  


Our end goal for this campaign is to spark and engage in meaningful conversations on the current situation of food security and wellbeing in Sabah that is lacking behind.

We need your contribution in this campaign because millions are at risk and your donation can change their lives.

Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Food Basket. Amount Needed: MYR20,000.00

Goal 2 - Hygiene Packs. Amount Needed: MYR5,000.00

Goal 3 - PPEs. Amount Needed: MYR5,000.00

Bantu Sabah


Bantu Sabah is a collaboration effort between Selangor Youth Community and Sabah Bangkit. Sabah Bangkit is a youth movement aims to empower the youths of Sabah through different mediums, to rise up, speak up, contribute and focus on the future of the next generation. As well as enhancing & intensifying the local creative industry. The song “ Sabah Bangkit “ was written to uplift all Sabahans to voice out and take charge.



Update on amount collected #BantuSabah 

Thank you for your contribution! 

We need RM14,068.83, for food security, and sanitisation equipments for those lives who are at risk. 

Visit to help:


'We raised RMMYR 12,395.50 from the amazing donors on our campaign in NGOhub. We also received additional RM8,000,00 from our NGO partner Puak Payong (  that donate to our organization. Hence, we successfully achieve RM20,000.00 now. To keep the donation spirit going up, we are updating our campaign target to RM30,000 so we can 'bantu' more people. Let's keep sharing and donating to support our Sabahan.

#bantusabah #sabahstandstrong


First Contribution Program organized by coalition of NGO's in Kota Kinabalu.

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Impact Created

The fund will be distributed in term of

1. Foodbasket (Rice, Flour, Sugar Sardines, Eggs, Salt, Biscuits and Cooking oil) - 300 families

2. Formula milk for babies  - 150families

ther than that, the volunteer with the help of the local villagers will collect all the rubbish and thrash from the island and dispose it properly at garbage disposal area in Kota Kinabalu. 

Project Summary

We have deiced to donate to Misi Ziarah Kasih Pulau Sipanggar Thrash for Food. This initiative is to donate food basket and baby formulas for villagers in Pulau Sipanggar who are badly affected by COVID19. 

The program will be held on 18 & 19 December 2020

Organize by Gabungan NGO Kota Kinabalu (Yayasan Ikram Malaysia, Persatuan Skuad Komuniti Prihatin Sabah, HOPE, Sahabat Amal Care and HAK SABAH)




MYR 27,210.42

Raised of MYR 30,000.00 target.








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About the Organization/Project behind this Campaign

Selangor Youth Community

Selangor Youth Community (SAY) is a leading youth network that is non-profit, non-political and non-governmental to catalyse youth engagement and development in Selangor founded by DYTM Raja Muda Selangor, Tengku Amir Shah. With the help of Boston Consulting Group, four areas of interest were identified which have become our pillars : Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Arts & Creatives, and Sports & Health.

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