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The Story Behind Gamechangers For Good

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The Gamechangers for Good Podcast is an hour -long, interview type podcast hosted by Chun Wah Hoo. The title ‘Gamechangers for Good’ refers to guests of the podcast who are outstanding figures in social impact. Each episode revolves around the guest’s conversation with Wah Hoo on their personal life, lived experiences, social impact work, mindset and attitude that have shaped them into the figure they are today. The podcast is envisioned as an archive about these figures that can serve as a point of inspiration and audible self-help resources to anyone looking to make an impact or create change in their own life or others’.

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EP #003-3 - Dato' Dr. Hartini Zainudin

Recovering from Failure, Building Powerful Network of Supporters & Fundraising Strategies

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Meet Your Hosts

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Chun Wah Hoo

Wah Hoo accumulated 9 years of experience in sales, marketing and brand management in a Fortune 500 company before transferring these experiences into managing social projects and building a resource platform for nonprofits.

Since 2013, Wah Hoo helped establish and kick start more than 25 rural and urban community education centers nationwide, managed a national project in 15 locations with a team of more than 70 members, immersed himself on the ground spending 4 months, a few days a week living in Orang Asli villages to coordinate education programs for the rural poor.

He managed the operation of a community funding platform that brought in more than RM5 million in donations to social projects, and more recently bringing NGOs in Malaysia together through the NGOhub platform working with government ministries, the Welfare Department, volunteer groups and corporations to solve social issues together.

Wah Hoo founded and runs GivingHub, a platform to encourage charitable giving, and help individuals and corporate donors to give more effectively.

Through NGOhub and Givinghub, he is working to trigger, facilitate and grow collaborations for social impact through the application of network science.

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