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Share The Future Project was initiated to address the issue of literacy amongst underprivileged children and to provide them with a cross-cultural education opportunity. Our Exchange Participants will mainly be focusing on cultural sharing and provide a unique learning space for the children to gain proficiency in reading and Mathematics. This project aims to create cross-cultural understanding among youths in Malaysia with the Exchange Participants and promote Malaysia to international volunteers as well.




  • Provide elementary and secondary education to the underprivileged children.

  • Teach English and basic communication skills.

  •  Teach other academic objects such as Mathematics and Science among children in the homes

  • Global Village- showcase volunteers' country’s culture with other countries as well

  • Conduct workshop to raise awareness. (Health and Hygiene, Education, Food Wastage etc)



NGOs supported by this project:

- Home for The Angels (HFTA) in Broga, Semenyih (25 children)

- Desa Amal Jireh (DAJ) in Broga, Semenyih (104 children)

- Chin Student Organizaon (CSO) in Cheras (70 children)

Impact created

Improvement in English literacy, Mathematics and Science of the children in the NGOs 

Increase exposure of the students towards other countries' culture

Increase students' interest in learning

Goal Breakdown

Goal 1 - Education Workshops. Amount Needed: MYR1,000.00

Goal 2 - . Amount Needed: MYR

Goal 3 - . Amount Needed: MYR

Giving is not just about donation, it is also about making a difference.

MYR 0.00

Raised of MYR 1,000.00 target.








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About the Organization/Project behind this Campaign

AIESEC in University of Nottingham Malaysia


Our Identity

AIESEC is the world's largest non-profit youth-run organization. It is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organisation that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. The organization focuses on empowering young leaders to make a positive impact on society through actions.

Our Vision

AIESEC strives for Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind's Potential as an organisation. 

In today’s context, ‘Peace’ does not necessarily mean only avoiding war. Peace can symbolise a world that does not have conflicts that arise from cultural, religious, or other aspects of differences in humanity. Peace can also symbolise being in harmony with yourself. AIESEC strives to build a world where people can work towards their own understanding of peace while respecting and understanding the views of others.

Through Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential, AIESEC strives for a world where people can be the best version of themselves.

Our Action

We place our confidence in youth because they have the passion, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that are needed to shape the future. They have the responsibility to improve tomorrow by choosing who they will be today. Hence, AIESEC is a platform for young leaders to run projects that are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure its relevance to the local community needs. We aim to be part of the solution for a betterment of Malaysia.