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Communications Strategy 

About the Project

The project enables us to legitimize our efforts in helping provide refugee children a shot at an education. With this we will be able to raise further funds and continue on our journey to provide the best opportunities. This project may be the start of the next phase of Save School where we transform our school into a model institution for alternative learning.

Social Media
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Project Details

Project: SSFR Media Strategy

Task Description

We need help developing our communications strategy and training our personnel.

Task Duration

1-2 weeks


Understand present infrastructure

Propose communication strategy and stabilize our social media presence

Finalise communication strategy and train our personnel 

Project Deliverables

We need help to:

  • Create a communications strategy that increases our exposure and creates brand awareness
  • Stabilize our social media presence by curating an attractive profile
  • Once this is achieved the volunteer should teach our personnel the manner to continue maintaining the content feed.

Impact Statement

As the school is struggling to get by, this will help us enormously and provide assistance that cannot be valued in money. In turn this will accelerate our mission to provide the best education platform for these marginalized communities.

Our Available Resources

  • Some readily available media materials

About The NGO

Founded in 2017, Save School for Refugees (UNHCR file code: 22/KL/0795) intends to save the lives of displaced children by investing in their human capital and empowering them with skills & knowledge. With official recognition from UNHCR Malaysia, the school serves to provide students a platform to meet basic requirements to pursue further education or occupational skills.

As of this year, the school teaches approximately 140 students with ages ranging from 4 to 22 years old. SSfR's 2022 mission is to prepare 20 students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

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