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Fundraiser Consultant

About the Project

We have tried and managed to obtain some funding from government bodies however it is not sufficient. We are constantly short of 40% cost to continue serving the needy. We need corporate sector to help us through their csr platform which can will make us sustain and deliver the care needed.

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Project Details

Project: Fundraise for Dialysis Patient

Task Description

Create a campaign and event to raise funds for B40 dialysis patients

Task Duration

2-4 weeks


  1. Discussion and understand needs
  2. Prepare a CSR contact database & Prepare documents & presentation

  3. Involvement of major corporate companies (GLC) and partnerships with corporate clients

Project Deliverables

  • We would to have corporate sector funding for poor dialysis patients. Funding for approximately 50 patients who do not get sufficient sponsorship for the treatment.
  • Volunteer with corporate networking and experience negotiating with Corporate sector

Impact Statement

CSR funding for approximately 50 patients for a year through companies with CSR policy - approx RM1.5 mil. We will be able to accept more poor patients without having to struggle for financial assistance. It will also benefit the companies in terms of social branding while helping those in need.

Our Available Resources

  • Office space for discussion and planning
  • A team of welfare, marketing staff

About The NGO

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