Calvaryland is an integrated social care centre situated in Sungai Pelek, a developing agricultural based community town. It is easily identified by a cluster of peach coloured rooftop buildings that sits on a vast 10 acre of land, along a main road with oil palm trees. Calvaryland is registered with the National Welfare Department of Malaysia and also the National Social Concern Department of the Assemblies of God, Malaysia. Calvaryland upholds a mission statement that seeks to bring help and hope to the impoverished, needy and hurting in society, regardless of gender, religion, social or ethnic origin. Its goals are to: a) Provide practical help to the poor and those needing special assistance. b) Communicating meaningful living through the approach of teaching by example c) To prepare and equip the needy and the marginalized to develop potential and help nurture their talents, skills and abilities through training, so that these individuals can confidently be integrated back to society as responsible and contributing citizens to society and to the nation. Calvaryland operates a Home for Older Adults, a Home for Children and a Home for Women in Crisis.

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Lot 471 Jalan ke Kampung Ulu Chuchoh 43950 Sungai Pelek, Sepang.