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Drug Intervention Community Malaysia (DiC Malaysia) or KOMITED Malaysia is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and non profit oriented formed to address the problems associated with drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. KOMITED Malaysia consisting and led by former former drug abusers (recovering drug addict) has been inspired his establishment in 1998 and registered officially in 2001. KOMITED Malaysia offers chains of inter-related services (Continuum of Care and Service) for a comprehensive approach (Comprehensive Holistic Approach) based on the model of ' One Stop Centre ' KOMITED Malaysia is a pioneer in the fight for power mover and reconstructing an identity and a new life drug addicts. This movement became a catalyst for development and change members towards more productive real life situation. KOMITED Malaysia forged towards a sustainable organization with the full use of capabilities and the energy of former drug addicts in providing related services based on structured strategies through experience and research. KOMITED Malaysia continued to move the consolidation determination and commitment of all levels of society in formulating new framework effective to address the problems associated with drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. Our vision is to make Malaysia free from negative impact of drug use and HIV/AIDS by increasing access to holistic and comprehensive interventions. Our Mission to be the leading organisation in engaging stakeholders to effectively address the negative impact of drug use and HIV/AIDS via prevention, intervention and treatment.

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