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C.A.T Playground is the 1st therapeutic playground in Malaysia where visitors can interact with our cats, selfie, and experience calming at the playground. C.A.T Playground stands for Cat Assisted Therapy which the playground is friendly for special needs children as well. All of our cats in C.A.T Playground are trained to be the best therapists to take care of special needs children. Besides, C.A.T Playground created is aims to assist special-needs children to improve their motor skills and sensory integration with cats. Other than that, it is also aimed to raise autism awareness and to promote autism acceptance by making society more inclusive for special needs communities. Hopefully, more and more people will get to understand better how animal therapy can actually help the special needs children and adolescents & to make the world a better place for everyone.


 For your information, C.A.T Playground is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), all of our cats in C.A.T Playground are adopted from the home shelter. We had adopted 11 cats in total within 2 years. We are doing our best to cover their food, litter, and clinic expenses. Thanks to our beloved customers who willing to spend Rm15 (Entrance fees) to visit our cats and play with them. For Rm15 is enough to cover 2 meals for 3 cats. But due to the COVID-19, our shop had not been operating for one month and we are almost run out of resources for our rescued cats. In these troubling times, we really need your support in order for us to keep our cats in a healthy and happy condition for them to survive. We also wish to adopt more and more cats from the shelter in the future and trained them to be a part of Cat Assisted Therapy Playground family members.


 We appreciate every kind of action from you regardless of the value as we believe that many little drops make an ocean! As for now, we are targeting to raise Rm 10,000 for our rescued cats. Do remember that even as low as RM 0.10 from you is meaningful to us! Let's together make changes by helping our rescued cats, they need your precious support.


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Level 1, Sunway Putra Mall, 22, Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur