Klass Of Hope : Biasiswa Peluang Kedua SPM 2022



Kelab "Gooddeeds" Kedah (Gooddeeds) is an non-governmental organisation that focuses on helping people who are in need especially in education. It focuses on aiding the needy people to obtain a proper education and actual guidance. Gooddeeds has been involved with a lot of volunteering programs that assist both primary and secondary students to acquire the proper knowledge that could help them to live a beautiful life. 

In accordance with the title, Gooddeeds would like to organise a program entitled Klass of Hope : Biasiswa Peluang Kedua SPM 2022. The objective is to help the underprivileged students who could not go to school to take important examination like SPM and students who want to retake the SPM examination.

Furthermore, the aim is to give free education to the destitute students who ought and keen to seek and learn knowledge. This program also would prepare them to live productively in a real world. The program also would prepare the effectiveness in acquiring and understanding the knowledge through the pedagogy given. 


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