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Majlis Teater Selangor (MTS), Malaysia is currently in need and searching for funds in the form of donation amounting USD25, 000.00 to accomplish the Gelanggang Kota Seni PJ 2019’s program. There will be 9 NGO’s groups competing in this staged theatrical competition. The funds are majorly needed to mobilize all works that comprise production, management, the publication and publicity of the sponsors and the backers, supporting elementary technical costs such as theatrical sets and props, costumes, makeups, lightings, musical instruments and production crews’ emoluments.

The gross costing needed for Sepurnama Pekan Seni to travel while staging shows in the aforementioned 10 countries are about USD150, 000.00. Therefore for the average foreign country, the visiting cost is about USD20, 000.00. And this is considered the least minimal cost for traditional theatrical production. The sponsor’s names will be displayed in every publicity and promotional materials that will be distributed until the aforementioned 10 countries.

Effectual by this donation, the sponsors will gain wide publicity through social media, digital and printed publication, an exclusive invitation to the Gala Nights with VIPs, exclusive invitational cards to watch the show, artists and crews along with tax rebate.

We are strongly confident that benevolent sponsors will back this program because this tradition’s theatrical performances under Majlis Teater Selangor (MTS), Malaysia is not for profit making but a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of whom interest is solely to nurture and develop the marginalized youths whilst introducing and uplifting the Malay’s art’s tradition, culture and civilization internationally in this current age of millennials.

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