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DYO (Developing Youth Organization) is a non-profit youth development and volunteering platform that focuses on developing youths and empowering them in improving their life skills that promote positive values and healthy education. Our goal is to create and develop a series of youth programs, events and activities that will prepare youths to improve and develop themselves through a structured, progressive series of activities and experiences which will help them to be better with a more positive self and at the same time contribute to the community.

Our VISION: 1.) To INSPIRE, EMPOWER & IGNITE the Youths to do great.


1.) To have DYO Community Centres in all 14 states around Malaysia

2.) To have DYO Ambassadors represents all the Community Homes in Malaysia.

3.) To build 5,000 volunteers with DYO 6 Positive Values (6Cs')

4.) To provide support in all cause and movement activities & events.

5.) To provide support in all Youth Development activities & events.

6.) To have DYO clubs & association in 60 Universities in Malaysia.

7.) To get DYO to an International status level.

We focuses on THREE (3) PILLARS:

1.) Fun

2.) Development

3.) Community

We embraces and cultivates SIX (6) positive CULTURES

1.) Competence

2.) Confidence

3.) Connection

4.) Consistency

5.) Contribution

6.) Caring

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