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Agosly A/L Andok

I'm Agosly a/l Andok, aged 23 years old, is a native of KPS RPS Pos Kemar located in the area of Gerik Hulu Perak, and I am al ... Read more

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Saya En Angah Bin Aluej Penduduk RPS Kemar Terletak dikawasan Gerik, Saya memegang jawatan Sebagai Setiausaha dalam Majlis pengurusan Komuniti kampung Orang Asli RPS Kemar Gerik.Permohonan saya ini ... Read more

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Ayu binti Majid

I am ayu majid ,i am from Gua Musang kelantan. i volunteer myself to help my community by building the toilets in my village. ... Read more



About Barokah Blessed Barokah Blessed is a community movement focusing on tackling social issue by using education and culture as the medium. The idea of this initiativ ... Read more

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Our project tittle is BGS Give Back : What's Next After SPM?.BGS Gives Back : What’s Next After SPM is a workshop programme that enables UUM students and the community to contribute ... Read more

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Build A Coral Nursery

Project Build a Coral Reef Nursery  We are planning to build a Coral Reef Nursery in Tioman Island in Feb 2019. The Nursery would use Natural Life Rock as Substrate for Cor ... Read more

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Choong Kah Wei

Project Background and Problem Statement Orphans often do not get as much opportunities as ... Read more

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Design For Change-Safe Our Generation.Be Smart Digital's Netizen

Safe Our Generation-Be Smart Digital's Netizen,Stay Safe Online ... Read more

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Gani A/L Busu

Mempupuk semangat kesukanan di kalangan masyarakat Orang Asli serta memberi mereka peluang untuk menonjolkan bakat mereka. ... Read more

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Humanity Hike

  Humanity Hike supports the effort done by Adam, together with different NGOs in Malaysia to advocate for the rights and raise f ... Read more