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My name is Miri Adek, i am a volunteer teacher who stands for indigenous education in Kampung Kensau, Pos Ber and Pos Tuel ,Gua Musang.

I represent the Orang Asli community in Kampung Kensau, Pos Ber who runs a program to help the Orang Asli Community in terms of education.

A little bit of my background story, I had to quit school at the age of 14 years old to work in restaurants, factories, and shops to help my family. With no self-confidence, no education, no direction in life, with a low salary, similarly was my low self esteem and confidence. 

In 2014, I came to KL at a friend’s invitation to study in SOLS ( An NGO that provides a free education for underprivileged youth)  . I learnt English, built self confidence, leadership skills and many things which helped to see the bigger picture and my potential. Realizing that education is very important, I started to work hard on studies and build self-confidence, grabbing every opportunity that came. I volunteered to be an assistant teacher. From there, my teaching experience grew and is now a regular trainer for SOLS. My  lifelong dream is to help my family and community Orang Asli.

Currently, I am running one of the centers for the Orang Asli community. I am extremely committed to helping others and the community in terms of Education.


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Kampung Hanir, Pos Tuel (Perkampungan Orang Asal), Kelantan, Malaysia

Gua Musang

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