Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many underserved communities lost their source of income as they usually relied on physical events to sell their handmade items. While many are heavily affected, the underserved communities had it worse as they have been struggling to make ends meet even before the pandemic. While they are struggling to put food on their table, protecting themselves from the Covid has become their additional burden as they couldn’t afford to buy hygiene kits. The cost of purchasing hygiene supplies during the pandemic is higher than usual. Everyone should be given an opportunity to earn their living and be protected from this pandemic.

SERUM aims to provide an online platform for underserved communities to market their handmade products. At the same time, we hope to provide them the opportunities to protect themselves from this pandemic. The funds collected will be used to maintain our online platform and digital marketing to push out the products from the underserved communities. Meanwhile, we are fortunate enough in securing hygiene supplies at a low cost in which we will provide it to the underserved communities with every donation received towards our online platform. With every RM 10 donated to our cause in building the online platform, SERUM will donate a hygiene kit (face mask & 50 ml hand sanitizers) to a beneficiary.

To date, we have collaborations with NGOs such as Tanma Foundation, Taylor's Community, Majlis Belia Malaysia, Kedai Jalanan UM, Lady Ayaz Sewing Centre, Rohingya Women Development Network, Malaysian Karen Organisation, and Impact Malaysia. Through our platform, we have generated an income close to RM 30k to our underserved artisans. Along our journey, we discovered there are many more underserved communities that were stripped of their source of income. We hope to expand our platform to cater to more of the artisan's communities for them to earn an honest living.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us on this impact journey. We deeply thank every single one of you for your kind generosity and contribution.

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