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Society for Equality, Respect And Trust for All Sabah (SERATA)

We are a nonprofit organization in Kota Kinabalu that promotes equality, primarily gender equality, with a difference! We believe tha ... Read more

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Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Sosial Indah Malaysia

Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Sosial Indah Malaysia. PPM-002-08-21052014 . @IndahMalaysia Indah Malaysia ialah sebuah pertubuhan bukan untung (NPO) yang bersifat Keusahawanan Sosial (Social Entreprene ... Read more

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Persatuan Belia Inspirasi Kinabalu

Established circa 2012, we are collective youths who are actively involves in social events in and around Sabah majorly in state capital, Kota Kinabalu. From volunteering in international-level spo ... Read more

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ABIM Sabah adalah sebuah NGO berdaftar fokus gerakkerja merangkumi pelbagai sektor dan lapangan seperti sosial, kebajikan, pendidikan, keilmuan, kepimpinan, misi kemanusiaan, melahirkan sukarelawan ... Read more

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Jeprin Rasdu

I am Jeprin Rasdu, a tombonuo tribe youth from Paitan, Sabah. The purpose of this project is to help the community especially the kids and youths by giving extra English lessons for free. I want to ... Read more

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Pertubuhan Angkatan Gabungan Rakyat Asli Sabah

We are committed to undertaking various programs and activities for Children, Youth, Men, Women, Old age and other marginalized segments of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, ... Read more

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Pertubuhan Angkatan Bersatu Pewaris Sabah

True Sabahan (Waris Sabah) awareness programs 2. Sabah's youth empowering retreats 3. The understanding of Malaysia Agreement 1963 ... Read more

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Good Shepherd Services

PKGS is a not-for-profit organisation founded by the Good Shepherd Sisters in 1956. PKGS has extensive grassroot services, both in residential and outreach, reaching out to women and girls in various ... Read more


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