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Malaysian government to further promote the participation of youth in community activities in Malaysia. With the initiative of the youth is expected to take advantage of existing opportunities to give back and contribute to the State. [1] The Malaysian government has recognized that Malaysia can help youth and play a crucial role in shaping Malaysia as a better destination to live, work and play. In order to capture the imagination of the youth in order to provide inspiration in realizing the Belia sihat tonggak negara was established to carry out activities related to volunteer. [2] These activities aim to benefit the community and social groups targeted in the campaign. Through this campaign, Belia Tonggak Negara will be up to the individual whether collective or single, non-governmental organizations and the corporate sector to coordinate efforts to promote volunteerism of youth. More interestingly, 20 youth personality has been named 'BELIA TONGGAK NEGARA' which was announced by the Honourable Tun Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia at the Perdana Putra, Putrajaya. These skilled individuals have contributed significantly to the development of the country. All of them are stars in the fields they have ventured into the child, sports, music & youth

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